Monday, December 19, 2005

Trip Part 3

On the second day- Sunday, December 4th- we enjoyed a typical Chinese breakfast at the hotel: watery rice-porrige with several side-dishes, such as preserved cucumbers, "thousand-year-eggs" ( yes, those egges are not boiled, but actually put into some sort of solution ( used to be joke!!!) to make them congeal), fermented tofu, pork-floss ( dried pork that was pulled apart until the meat feels and looks like dark-sheep- wool) and other goodies. Afterwards, we decided along with 4 other friends to check out the tandems that the hotel offered and made our way over to the much-lauded park nearby! It was a great sunny day and the park really was very nice. It had a lot of lakes and ponds with the usual huge kois in them, which we started feeding right away. We had to head back soon, as we were departing soon for the Spa Hotel.
We stopped at an old village, where we saw a Taiwanese Opera, with impressive make-up artistery. They also showed how to make certain sweets and candy which proved to be a great marketing-strategy: right afterwards people- us included- flocked to buy their products...Towards the evening we finally arrived at the Chiao Hsi Spa, which is a Japanese 5-star Spa and where we enjoyed the GREAT food, delicious deserts and the wonderful hot spring water, which could be enjoyed in 3 locations: outside in the public area, inside in the gender-divided areas or in the privacy of the hotel rooms. The different pools outside were divided according to temperature, which ranged from 39 Degrees Celsius to 43 Degrees Celsius and was great! That really was amazingly relaxing and enjoyable! We were also impressed by the Japanese architecture and designs- straight, clean lines, light rooms, big windows, very functional and wood-based, which gave it warmth and texture. WE LOVED IT!!!
In the evening they had a Taiwanese opera with English subtitles. The next day we had to leave this heavenly resort, but not without strengthening ourselves with a great breakfast! We took off, but stopped soon thereafter to visit the Wufengchi waterfall, which has three tiers and was a very impressive and beautiful sight! After the hike, we returned to the bus and stopped only once when Fred had a soup made with little white fish with black eyes, that looked like worms and that were staring at him while he scooped away...brrrrr...I am not that thoughened yet...;) And so in the evening we arrived in Taipei after an interesting, yet relaxing weekend with our friends from Synaptics.


Nel Pastel said...

So did you eat the eggs?

Melanie said...

Yeah, I tried it, because I believe in trying (almost)everything first and then deciding whether or not it's compatibel with my this case- nope...;)!