Friday, June 16, 2006

Couple quick notes

Above are a few pictures taken in the Hsin Yi district last week, showing a few examples of this. Note that the second and third pictures involve 12 foot tall inflatable soccer balls that small people can climb into and give their best impersonations of a hamster in an attempt to score a goal. It looks really tempting, but I just don't think they have these in my size...

To the right are a couple pictures taken at the new Eslite bookstore - the largest bookstore in Taiwan. This is probably the best place to buy books for foreigners if you are not too concerned about paying full price. It is a spectacularly large bookstore with an extensive selection of books in many different languages. There are sections on business, education, foreign languages, etc. - pretty much everything but comic books (sorry Nel).

While we were walking around the store last weekend, I came upon a section that is a wonderful lesson of unabashed truth (and lack of subtlety and tact) in advertising.

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Nel Pastel said...

No comics? And they call it a bookstore?!? At least they call it like it is.

Seriously though, I could probably spend a whole weekend in a place like that.