Tuesday, February 13, 2007


We are SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited right now because we are in the final stages of planning our trip out to India.

Chinese New Year is coming up on Sunday (2/18/2007), and as a result we will have a nice long holiday during which Taiwan and China are pretty much shut down for a week. On top of that, there is another holiday in Taiwan on 2/28/2007, so by taking just a couple days, we get to spend about 10 days traveling around India!

At this point, we are planning to visit just four cities:

  • Delhi - Red Fort, Old City, Qutb Complex, etc.

  • Agra - Taj Mahal, Agra Fort

  • Udaipur - Lake Pichola, etc.

  • Jaipur - not entirely sure yet, but lotsa cool stuff

Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur is apparently a very oft frequented tourist route - so much so that it even has a name: The Golden Triangle.

We promise to post lots of pictures from our travels and tell you all about it. The very sincere hope is to have a beautiful but relatively uneventful trip, so wish us luck!!!

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Nel Pastel said...

You guys are probably already on the road, but we just wanted to say we hope you have a good, safe and fun trip!

We expect lots of pictures!