Monday, March 05, 2007

Beer Dispensing Machine

This is a little gem that I just wanted to share with everybody - the Incredible Beer Dispensing Machine!

The first time I saw this was during a layover en route to Asia. The United Red Carpet Club in the Tokyo-Narita airport had a few of these sitting next to the soft drink and coffee dispensers. At first, I wasn't sure about exactly what it was I was looking at. I stood there and stared at this machine for a good 30 seconds before a fellow traveller walked up next to me, pulled a frozen glass out of the freezer next to the machine, loaded it up and pushed the beer button.

At this point, I heard the heavenly chorus, cherubs descended sprinkling laurels and rose petals, and a bright spotlight came on from up above. I had just witnessed my first automatic beer machine!!!

The way it works is simple:

  1. Place the chilled glass onto the small stand
  2. Press the button with the beer icon
  3. The machine tilts the stand at a 30 degree angle and starts to pour in the beer
  4. When it is 4/5 full, the machine then tilts the stand back to the starting position and pours in ~1.5 inches of head
  5. Remove the beer from the stand
  6. Enjoy a perfectly poured frosty Japanese beer

There really isn't any better way to pass the time in an airport...

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