Friday, July 27, 2007

English Lessons for Markus

Melanie and I were having dinner with her family in Großaspach, Germany. Her youngest cousin is relatively close to our age group, and he is a blast to hang around, so we were spending most of our time talking to him. At this point, my German language skills are decent - since his English skills are also decent, the conversation kind of drifted between German and English.

At one point, he was asking us to teach him English phrases, so we gave him a few useful ones (that I can't remember). I am not sure what triggered it, but I was suddenly taken with the desire to teach him an interesting phrase by first writing it down on a little notepad and having him read the text. The video below is young Markus doing his best to read it:

Puerile - maybe. Hilarious - absolutely!

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