Friday, October 20, 2006

Food facts from Asia

Sign seen in the Taipei airport
The more common word used here would be "congee", which is a rice-based porridge. If the purpose in translating into English was to attract more western clientelle, then I would have to say that they have failed. This conjures images that are more Dickensian than epicurean...

Sign on the door of a McDonalds in Singapore
Feeling too lazy to hop in the car? Can't be bothered to roll off the couch and take a trek through the drive thru? we have some great news for you!!!

Strong Bull - Fear It or Love it?
This is the local equivalent of Red Bull. The effects are similar except that you don't get the jitters. Also, it tastes better and is easier to chug since it is not carbonated. There was apparently some sort of issue several years back where the bottles were contaminated, resulting in a recall; however, they have since recovered nicely and are supposedly cleaner than ever.


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