Saturday, October 14, 2006

More random wackiness from Taipei

I'm pretty sure that this is a band of some sort. I was just impressed by how naughty the poster was in such a public place (subway station).

11/1/06: Melanie pointed out that I'm on crack and that this photo was actually taken at the airport in Stuttgart, not Taipei...doh!

This is basically a crock pot - except that it's got a name a billion times better than crock pot cuz it's Supa Fine. Turns out this is a fairly common brand out here.
I have this scenario in my head of a tenacious young Taiwanese entrepreneur asking one of their American Negro in Taipei friends for suggestions on what to name his company, and getting this as the response.

Maybe he knew exactly how sweet this name is...maybe he didn't... Not that it matters. The name is tight, son! Supa Fine!

"Extra Fancy" bread sticks...

"Little Negro" branded congee

No - really

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