Friday, December 22, 2006

We finally met Milo!

We met Milo today for the first time, and he really is a fantastically cute little boy. It is fascinating because he looks more like mommy from most angles, but more like daddy at some others.

We got to see a few baby pictures of Christy from when she was about the same age - had we not known that it was Christy, we would have both sworn it was Milo.

Milo is a boy of a thousand faces (most of them are happy, all of them are cute) so the only real answer is to actually meet him in person.


Nel Pastel said...

He's a cutie, that's for sure. We were so glad to see everyone over the holiday - I can't believe you actually made it all the way from Taiwan!

Fred said...

Getting there wasn't easy, but I am really glad we were able to finally make it out there for a holiday. I can't believe it had been two years since we last saw you folks - I'm really glad we were able to hang out at least that one night at Kyle's!

BTW - I suddenly remembered on our last day that I had yet to pick up any comics, so we made the mad dash over to Barnes and Noble on Tuesday and I picked up something like $150 in trades. Good times...

Nel Pastel said...

Cool, what'd you get? And if there's anything you want me to bring for you when we go in May, just let me know.

Has it been two years? You still have a year to go in Taiwan, right?