Sunday, December 24, 2006

We have also finally met Alton!!

We had been planning to get together with the Walkers at some point this week for a gift exchange and, more importantly, to also get to meet young Alton for the first time. What we had not counted on was a call from Jared asking if we were available and (upon confirmation) finding out that they were only 10 minutes away...

After 15 minutes of frenzied gift-wrapping, we were finally ready.

For those of you that have known Jared a while, you will recall that he has always been a big boy. Alton Gregory Walker certainly takes after his father in this regard. He is precocious and quite even tempered, but the most obvious thing about him is his size. In particular, after living in Taiwan for the past 14 months and seeing the relatively smaller babies out there, Alton looked more like a 4-year old than a 17-month old.

Alton is a sweet kid, likes to go give high-fives, and absolutely adores Clovis (our little parrotlet). I felt as though I had met him before after seeing all the pictures, but it was definitely much better to finally get to meet him in person.

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